Delta 10 Products

Contrary to popular opinion, Delta 10 THC isn’t just a more potent cannabinoid extracted from the hemp flower. Like Delta 8, Delta 10 is cultivated, isolated, and mixed with 0.3% of Delta 9 THC. Its effects depend on the strain or variety used to make the product. Furthermore, it’s extracted in its natural trace amounts from the hemp plant and used with minimum modifications in our products.

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Why order Delta 10 at wholesale from Canna Livin?

At Canna Livin, we respect transparency over all else. All our products, including the Delta 10 pen, edibles, vape juice, THC gummies, CBD gummies, and cannabinoid, are lab tested for pesticides, residuals, and potency to ensure safety and quality.

Shopping with us means you can buy Delta 10 products from one of the most reputable brands. Our products include Delta 10 flowers, cartridges, and THC disposable vapes. Feel confident in knowing that you’re buying high-quality Delta 10 products online.

Customers are our first priority. We do everything in our capacity to ensure the products we have are 100% safe and of top-shelf quality before putting them up for the customers to purchase. While there are dozens of options when looking for Delta 10 products, our products are second to none.

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