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Delta 8 THC is often tarred with the same brush as delta 9 THC, its more widely-occurring and highly psychoactive cousin. Today, we put this rumor to rest by bringing you delta 8 flowers and their products derived from hemp-derived cannabidiol and mimicking the intensity of conventional cannabis without any side effects.

All delta 8 edibles, carts, buds, and vape pens at Canna Livin contain natural THC with zero impurities. We stand by our delta 8 products, whose independent lab reports prove they are free of metallic byproducts and contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 for Sale and Wholesale

Are you planning to stay low with a delta 8 flower here and some CBD gummies there, or do you plan on doing business with us by ordering our delta 8 products in bulk? Canna Livin serves customers and businesses with total transparency.

The delta 8 products for sale you see here are the best-asking price you’ll find anywhere online that might be dealing with legal hemp-derived products. Our products and their price labels are a testament to our hard work and the premium quality of these delta 8 products.

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