Bling 16Oz Instant Pyrex Glass Metal Ceramic Daily Use

Bling® Instant Cleaner for Pyrex, Glass, Metal and Ceramic. Our exclusive AbrasivAction™ technology eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing. Simply Shake, Rinse and Enjoy!™ Hassle Free Easy to Use Non-Toxic* Biodegradable Cleans and Deodorizes In Seconds


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A Cannabis Consumer’s Favorite Glassware Cleaner

Bling 16Oz Instant Pyrex Glass Metal Ceramic is a Formula 420 Cleaner that has taken over the cannabis scene since its launch. It generates excellent results once paired with other Formula 420 Cleaners in less than a minute with a good minute-long shake and a quick rinse.

This solution is like all the other glassware cleaners in the Bling line: it softens and removes leftover dirt from inside silicone, Pyrex-glass, metal, and ceramic pipes without creating a reason for water or chemical damage.

It’s a cannabis consumer’s dream for several reasons.

Good-as-New Glassware Every Single Time

This particular Bling 16Oz Instant Cleaner might not be the most concentrated product in its lineup, but it’s concentrated enough that you only need a little at a time to remove the dirt and smells left over by your last bit of hemp cannabis.

Your pipes don’t just look squeaky clean; they are well and truly free of their previous contents, allowing you to enjoy your next flower, concentrate, and cartridge to the fullest.

When was the last time you found a cleaner that promised all of that within a minute and didn’t dramatically reduce the shelf life of your glassware?

Buy a Canna Cleaner Like No Other

Smoking cannabis products daily is very much on the cards with a Canna Cleaner like Bling 16Oz Instant Pyrex Glass Metal Ceramic Daily Use. Buy it today if you want to make the most of your time on a given today to engage in such recreational activities.

Canna Livin boasts a long line of instant cleaners that are just abrasive enough to keep your bongs and pipes clean. They have no bearing on how long your smoking equipment will last due to a zero-alcohol, no-soaking, and no-scrubbing blend.

The Bling 16Oz Instant Cleaner for Pyrex, metals, and ceramics contains a secret no-soaking formula containing water and other containers that may or may not be present in other glass cleaners. It uses a patented AbrasivAction Technology to effectively remove dirt and odors without a single drop of alcohol.

Use your 16 ounces of glass, metal, and ceramic cleaner wisely by pouring just enough down the pipe, giving it a good shake for a minute or less, and rinsing away the residue. Alternatively, seal your glassware in an airtight container or bag with the Bling mixture and give it a good shake for up to a minute. Take it out of the container/bag once the time’s up, and rinse.

Its AbrasivAction shake clean technology cleans the most deep-set dirt from brittle glassware in under a minute without soaking in water beforehand. It also requires minimal to no scrubbing after rinsing out with water.

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Bling 16Oz Instant Pyrex Glass Metal Ceramic Daily Use

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