Blue Raspberry

  • Strain type: Hybrid
  • Categories: Delta 10, Delta 8, Edibles, Hemp Delta 9, HHC, Specialty Blend
  • Helps with: anxiety, stress, and pain associated with chemotherapy
  • Detailed testing information
  • Derived from hemp cultivated in the United States


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Make the Blues Go Away with the Decadence of Cannabinoid-Infused Edibles

The “blue” in Blue Raspberry indicates equal parts flavor and effect. By infusing a potent hybrid cannabinoid blend of your choice, these gummies make even the most seasoned gummy-eaters cough with its secret Sativa-Indica mix.

The exclusive cannabinoid blend in Blue Raspberry might be a secret by design. However, its genetic origins are a mystery even to our discerning eyes, which is all the more reason to go the extra mile with extensive testing.

Doing Wonders Without the THC Crutch

Review our lab reports to see the negligible amounts of THC-related components in these gummies. These edible squares are sourced only from the purest parts of hemp cultivated in the US. By extracting the aerial parts, we ensure your edibles contain the purest iteration of your chosen hemp-derived cannabinoid blend.

In addition to a careful extraction method, the methods used to formulate these gummies are another matter of pride for us. With an iron grip on product quality, we ensure your gummies contain not one milligram of harmful metals and chemicals.

Flavors to Die for!

The flavors of these gelatin squares are twice as good as the ingredients. They overpower any remaining skunky notes from the cannabis component, leaving only the berry notes behind. Purchasing Blue Raspberry edibles is like buying regular gummies, except you must be 21 and above to take a bite out of these forbidden berries.

Turn that Frown Upside Down with the Beautiful Notes of Blue Raspberry

The cerebral effects of Blue Raspberry edibles are secondary to their flavorsome notes, but they exist all the same. Since these hybrid gummies contain an Indica element, we recommend consuming them in moderation to avoid the euphoria from taking you by surprise.

The Blue Raspberry explodes inside your mouth in a medley of flavors and sensations. As the former wears off, the latter takes over, making you a happier, more talkative version of your normal self.

Got a big night ahead that you’re just not looking forward to? After popping these edibles, you’ll all but shout, “Bring it on!”

Buy Blue Raspberry Gummies to Destress

Do you feel more stressed out than other people? Are you prone to episodes of anxiety so bad it makes the next day feel miles away? Could you use some sweetness between rounds of chemo and radio? These Blue Raspberry gummies can be the recreational or therapeutic solution you never thought you needed!

  • Gelatin, food coloring, cane sugar, CBD, Delta 8 ISO
  • Canna Livin’s exclusive cannabinoid blend
  • Additional terpene blend infused in every square

First-time users may start with one or half a gummy at a time. Give the initial bite a couple of hours or just long enough to see how your body reacts to the edible. As always, eat something beforehand if the intent isn’t to ramp up your appetite.

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Blue Raspberry