Bougie Glass Capsule

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  • Carburetor Location: Over the bowl
  • Deep bowl for minimum repacking
  • Lightweight and portable


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Bougie Glass Capsule: The Perfect Tool for Lazy Sundays

While water pipes and bongs make your hemp buds taste twice as dope (pun intended), they are notoriously tricky to clean. It’s not like you can skip cleaning between hits because doing so means contending with stale smoke, a hard pass for most users, especially those trying hemp flower for the first time.

Cleaning the Bougie Glass Capsule between hits is as easy as wiping the bowl with a bit of cleaner and scrubbing it cleaning with a wipe. It shouldn’t take more than a minute with our instant cleaners. This pipe is perfect when you can’t muster the energy to move your muscles after one hit too many of a relaxing Indica flower.

A Pipe that’s Everyone’s Type

This capsule isn’t the first thing that comes to find when they hear the word “pipe.” Cannabis pipes usually have a curved end where the glass bowl resides. This capsule, however, trades the glass bowl for a deep hole near the center and doesn’t have a single curve to its silhouette.

It looks straight and is, in fact, straightforward in every other aspect, from smoking to cleaning, making it extremely hard for you to find a reason to hate this product. If you don’t fall in love at first sight with this Bougie product, you sure will after using it once or twice.

Don’t Stop at the Bougie Glass Capsule

A glass capsule of this ilk needs appropriate supplies. Find them only at Canna Livin: Purchase the hemp-derived cannabis you plan to smoke and pair it with an instant cleaner to speed up the cleaning process. The only thing you won’t find at our store is a lighter—or hemp wick if that’s your thing, so make sure you have them at your disposal when you purchase the one-and-only Bougie Glass Capsule at our online dispensary.

The Bougie Glass Capsule is made of a thick glass material that ensures a clean, thick smoke while keeping everything transparent and simple.

You may use the Bougie Glass Capsule just like any other steamroller pipe.

  1. Pack as much snug inside the bowl as it can take; press it in with your index fingers to make room for more.
  2. Place your dominant hand under the bottom half of the capsule so that you can place the index finger of that hand over the hole on that end.
  3. Cover the carb on the bottom end with your index finger and the mouthpiece on the top end with your mouth.
  4. Light up the buds with your other hand while maintaining the position in the previous step.
  5. Pull in as much of the resulting smoke as you can without coughing.
  6. Puff out before pulling more, this time without lighting up the buds; once is more than enough.

Note: Clean the bowl before repacking it with more of the same or a different hemp snug.

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Bougie Glass Capsule

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