Dr Dabber Lite Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Light is a Heavy Duty Vaporizer for Your Favorite Concentrates

Loved the OG Dr.Dabber Ghost™ vape? Here’s a lighter, slimmer, more affordable version of the original.

Designed for use with full melt concentrates, the vape comes with an atomizer built within the mouthpiece, which allows you to get a stronger effect for less hassle. Dr. Dabber’s vapes are known for their innovative low-heat technology, which keeps your concentrates from burning and keeps you from inhaling the hot vapor.

Don’t be fooled by the tiny package; the Light™ is the ultimate choice when you want to be discreet or need a lightweight, compact dab pen that you can slip into your pocket and smoke wherever. It’s also a great device if you’re starting out!

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The Dr. Dabber Light is here to Change the Game

The Dr. Dabber Light vaporizer is a product that works for everyone, from seasoned, experienced smokers with a taste for the finer thing, to a regular consumer who’s starting out. The vape is affordable, generates low heat, and prevents you from inhaling hot vapor that burns your throat and causes coughing fits. It’s a well-rounded investment, no matter what your experience or price point.

The Dr. Dabber Light is an incredibly designed product due to its slender, lightweight, and rechargeable design. It’s easy to refill and can be recharged, which is why it’s ideal for carrying with you while you’re out and about or traveling.

Whether you want the Dr. Dabber Light for yourself or a friend with the same love for quality dabs, you can never go wrong with this fantastic product. Get yours through our website today!

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  • Concentrate + 510 threaded cartridges
  • 1 Temperature setting – 550-650° F
  • Instant heating up
  • Up to 30 heating cycles on a single charge
  • 1 hour to charge the device fully using a USB cable
  • Height 4.4″, Diameter 0.36″, 2 oz.

This product is intended for individual use and not intended to be shared. Be sure to clean between multiple uses.

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Dr Dabber Lite Vaporizer