Forbidden Fruit Dab Sauce

  • Strain type: Indica
  • Categories: Concentrates, Delta 10, Delta 8, HHC, Specialty Blend
  • Helps with: loss of appetite, pain, depression
  • Detailed testing information
  • Derived from hemp cultivated in the United States


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Know the Forbidden Fruit Behind the Concentrate

Forbidden Fruit is a 70:30 Indica-dominant strain, which was born when someone crossbred Cherry Pie with Tangie. The concentrate is derived from the sticky resin of the hemp flower, which has distinctly bright green trichomes and thin but consistent coverage of orange pistils.

A Forbidden Fruit Dab Reminiscent of its Parents

Your Forbidden Fruit concentrate takes after both parents. It has the berrylicious sweetness and the citrusy goodness of Cherry Pie and Tangie. You may also notice some pine undernotes and hints of tropical fruits, capped with a musky aftertaste.

Although those flavors and aromas are everyone’s wheelhouse, consider the following effects before getting the jar.

No Buildup Necessary

The Forbidden Fruit Dab doesn’t do buildup. There’s nothing subtle about this wax. Its high hits you as soon as its flavor profile. Yes, even if it’s hemp-derived, because it’s only marginally different from its THC counterpart.

Concentrates are the truest forms of their flowers, and the Forbidden Fruit Dab makes this clear. It immediately creates a mind high, starting from the head and neck and taking over other extremities until you’re fully relaxed. Its Sativa component makes you feel euphoric and uplifted, but sleep eventually wins out.

Worry not, for this concentrate doesn’t immediately knock you out. It builds quite slowly and gradually until you’re glued to the couch. In the end, sleep is a conscious decision, not a losing battle.

Perfect Against Insomnia and a Lot More

The Forbidden Fruit wax is a nighttime dab, so it has all the ingredients required to put you to sleep. Has tossing and turning become your new sleep cycle? Ensure a night of deep, dreamless sleep with this dab.

Another so-called side effect of the Forbidden Fruit Dab is that it makes the user feel the munchies, which is always a good deal for someone with appetite loss. The hunger rolls in faster than the sleep, so you have plenty of time to grab a bite.

People also use this dab for stress, anxiety, symptoms of bipolar disorder, depression, and pain. We can’t say how well it will work for you, but there is no harm in trying!

Final Thoughts

The Forbidden Fruit Dab at Canna Livin is perfectly safe to try. You won’t be trading the high for anything; you can also buy it anywhere in the US because it’s hemp-derived. What’s not to like?

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We advise you to use this dab a couple of hours before calling it a day, particularly when you don’t have anything else on the day’s agenda. Smaller amounts of the wax may cause couchlock, whereas higher amounts might result in sleep. Start small and wait at least 90 minutes before taking another hit.

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Forbidden Fruit Dab Sauce