Formula 420 A3 Daily Use Concentrate Glass Cleaner 16 fl oz

Formula 420 A3 Daily Use Concentrate Glass Cleaner 16 Fl Oz

  • One-minute pipe cleaner
  • Categories: Cleaning Supplies, Glass and Accessories
  • Formula: Concentrated
  • Volume: 16 fluid ounces
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to use
  • Uses AbrasivAction Technology to clean in seconds
  • Cleans Pyrex, glass, metal, quartz, and ceramic surfaces
  • Made in USA


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Not Your Average Daily Use Concentrate

Formula 420’s A3 Daily Use Concentrate Glass Cleaner contains 16 fluid ounces of cleaner that lasts twice as long as other cleaners with the same volume. As a concentrated solution, you have to dilute the solution with water while pouring it down your pipes; this reduces the corrosiveness of the cleaner and the subsequent damage to your pipes and makes the cleaner last longer despite daily cleanings. No more do you have to smoke hemp flowers every other day because you’re scared of damaging your pipe with repeated cleanings.

Nothing “Abrasive” About AbrasivAction Technology

The Formula 420 line has a loyal customer base because of its exclusive AbrasivAction technology. However, many mistake AbrasivAction to mean abrasive, which is the last thing any metal, glass, or ceramic pipe needs.

Contrary to popular opinion, Formula 420’s AbrasivAction technology only makes your cleaner abrasive enough to dislodge and scrub away any residue or resin inside your pipes. It’s not responsible for a single scratch on your delicate accessories, but it takes it upon itself to make your pipes look crystal clean, smell brand-new, and prepare them for your next bit of ground buds.

More Cleaning Cycles at Half Price

The A3 Daily Use Concentrate Glass Cleaner offers twice as much cleaning solution as other Formula 420 cleaners for the price of one. It’s as nontoxic as a concentrated solution can be, deodorizes your pipes within seconds, and cleans them in under a minute. It doesn’t require soaking for hours beforehand; all the more reason to buy this cleaner today.

Now that you know this cleaner inside out, purchase it right here. Buy bulk or get a single bottle to see how well it cleans your glass and accessories.

The Formula 420 A3 Daily Use Concentrate Glass Cleaner isn’t as corrosive as most cleaners, but it contains a concentrated 16 fluid ounces of an alcohol-free solution containing AbrasivAction technology to scrub and deodorize pipes in seconds.

Follow these directions when cleaning Pyrex, glass, metal, quartz, or ceramic surfaces.

  1. Shake the cleaner bottle to equally distribute the concentrated solution.
  2. Pour some concentrate, followed by warm water, until you have covered the pipe’s insides with an even coat.
  3. Cover the mouthpiece, carb, bowl, and other openings with lids or your palms.
  4. Give your pipe a good shake for a minute max.
  5. Rinse the pipe with warm water enough times to remove the cleaner.
  6. Wash your hands.

Bonus Tips

  • Place smaller parts (bowls or stems) in a resealable bag or airtight container and follow the above instructions.
  • Pour the same amount of water and cleaner every time you clean your pipes.Alternatively, mix 16 ounces of water into the solution beforehand to skip the second part of Step #2.

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Formula 420 A3 Daily Use Concentrate Glass Cleaner 16 fl oz

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