Fruit Punch

  • Categories: Delta 8 Edibles
  • Helps with: appetite loss, insomnia, stress
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  • Derived from hemp cultivated in the United States


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Introducing: Gummies that Pack a (Fruit) Punch of Every Flavor Imaginable

Fruit Punch edibles are for those who want more than single- or double-flavor edibles. These gummies encompass all the main fruit categories on the wheel, including melons, berries, and citrus fruits. Each square packs the perfect amount of fruity goodness and hemp delta 8 to give you that elusive high while ensuring you don’t go off the deep end.

Edibles Cultivated and Manufactured in the USA

Fruit Punch is the newest addition to our flourishing line-up of fruity, melt-in-your-mouth gummies. Like all other edibles at Canna Livin, Fruit Punch features an exclusive cannabinoid blend from hemp plants cultivated by licensed cultivators and purified in the US.

Manufactured for once-a-day, a hit of these gummies is all you need to start your day; a higher hit still is all you need to call it a day. These edibles strike the perfect balance between various ingredients, offering your health and wellness regimen the support it requires.

Become a Better Version of Yourself with Fruit Punch

A Fruit Punch square is the perfect remedy for stress, which is a constant in this day and age. Pop one to make the worries and pressures of everyday life go away. If sleep or an appetite for the finer foods in life continues to elude you despite conventional treatment, discuss these edibles with your doctor and start a once-a-day schedule today.

Consume these hemp-derived edibles for specific reasons or overall wellness. Eat them to enjoy these fruity flavors with a perfectly legal delta 8 high as intense as any THC product, albeit in moderation.

Canna Livin Doesn’t Get Any Fruitier

Fruit Punch is the fruitiest, and thus, the hottest, offering at Canna Livin. Get these gummies before stocks run out for recreational use or as a complementary therapy for various conditions. Speak to our experts today to get the right edibles for your use.

  • Gelatin, food coloring, cane sugar, CBD, Delta 8 ISO
  • Canna Livin’s exclusive cannabinoid blend
  • Additional terpene blend infused in every square

If you’re new to delta 8 gummies, below is a dosage guide to getting started. Keep in mind that the effects of Fruit Punch gummies may last between 4–10 hours, depending on how they interact with your endocannabinoid system.

  • First-Time Consumers: Cut each square into four pieces and make it last just as many days.
  • Long-Time-No-See Consumers: Stick to half a gummy if you tried some ages ago and never again because your first time was disappointing, underwhelming, or downright colossal.
  • This-Old-Thing?! Consumers: If you’re an old hand at gummies and Canna Livin’s Fruit Punch edibles are just another stop in your edible rampage, you may eat a whole square. If you must have more than one a day, give the first dose at least two hours before returning for more.

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Fruit Punch