Glob Mops Xl 2.0 Cotton Swabs 300Ct

  • 100% organic cotton swabs with bamboo sticks
  • Extra-large size
  • Double-ended swabs with two different tips
  • Super absorbent, extra cleaning power
  • Highly durable
  • Pack of 300 swabs
  • Dimensions: 4.7×4.7×3.2 inches
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to use
  • Made for cleaning quartz nails and bangers
  • Categories: Cleaning Supplies, Glass and Accessories
  • Made in the US


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Keep Your Expensive Quart Banger Clean

The XL 2.0 Cotton Swabs by Glob Mops are a must-have cleaning product. They help clean your quartz nails and bangers, by removing any signs of residue in hard-to-reach areas. One packet comes in a pack of 300, and you can also buy it in bulk from Canna Livin to stay sorted for a long time.


Take them on the go or stash them in your rig case with other dabbing supplies— these cotton swabs are compact and lightweight. They are made using 100% organic cotton with bamboo sticks, featuring two different tips for better cleaning.


Maintain a Good Dab Rig Hygiene

All the magic happens at the dab nails— it’s the area where each fresh dab passes from to deliver a clean and flavorful smoke. Dabbing on a dirty nail ruins not only the flavor but also affects your lungs. Make sure to clean it regularly using the right cleaning products, including these cotton swabs.


At Canna Livin, we provide a wide range of products to help you maintain a good cleaning regimen for your smoking accessories. Glob Mop’s cotton swabs are excellent for keeping your quartz banger nail clean.


Not Your Regular Q-Tips

The cotton swabs from Glob Mops are cleverly designed, offering two different Q-tips in one swab. The angled side helps to reach into the crease, where the bucket’s bottom meets the side, while the regular Q-tip is ideal for overall cleaning. No matter what banger you’re using, the two different-size swabs will ensure they are clean. Moreover, this newer version has a greater surface area to provide ease of cleaning.


Eliminates the Risk of Chazzing

When you don’t clean your quartz nails, the resin from your hemp flower accumulates at the base and gets burned during each use. This burnt and grimy surface is called chazzing, which is not very pleasant. By cleaning your dab nail daily with these cotton swabs, you can make sure there’s no residue left and enjoy fresh and clean smoke.


These soft and absorbent Q-tips easily wipe away the hot and sticky residue without letting it stick to the nail’s base.

Glob Mops cotton swabs are made using 100% organic cotton, and the stick is made of bamboo.


  • Place a cotton swab inside the quartz banger or nail while it’s still hot.
  • Use the regular end of the swab, and swipe it around the inside multiple times to soak up the residue material and oil. Make sure you don’t spread the residue to other parts inside the quartz glass.
  • Now use the angled side of the swab to clean hard-to-reach spots and ensure any remaining material is clean.
  • Discard the Q-tip after cleaning.

Bonus Tip

  • Glob Mops cotton swabs are ideal for low-temp swabs.
  • To get the best results, make sure to apply the banger or nail immediately after dabbing.


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Glob Mops Xl 2.0 Cotton Swabs 300Ct

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