Grand Daddy Purple Dab Sauce

  • Strain type: Indica
  • Categories: Concentrates, Delta 10, Delta 8, HHC, Specialty Blend
  • Helps with: depression, insomnia, nausea
  • Detailed testing information
  • Derived from hemp cultivated in the United States


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Meet the Concentrate Derived from a Grape Ape Lookalike

You might have heard about Grand Daddy Purple or GDP strain, but have you ever heard about Grape Ape? The word on the street—okay, our dispensary—is that this strain is a dead ringer for Grape Ape.

Everything about the GDP matches the Grape Ape, from the deep, dark purple nubs to the densely-packed buds. That claim might have some truth, but GDP is the more famous strain, and it’s all because of its flavor and reported effects.

A Taste of the GDP Dab

This GDP concentrate can taste funky yet sweet, you feel us? It has a fruity flavor profile with overarching berry and grape aromas—the latter is apparently stronger than the former, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Finally, completing—and complicating—the flavor profile are some strong earthy and musky overtones, which also have sweet undertones. There’s little sourness or tanginess to the GDP Dab, not if you use the right dosage.

A Dab for the Aspiring Early Bird

If your sleep cycles are upside down, you can turn them right side up with this concentrate. Since this wax contains an Indica-dominant cultivar, the cerebral high ultimately leaves you glued to your couch or bed. Let’s refrain from dabbing inside our cars, people!

The concentrate is also known to leave the user numb and more than a little hungry. It’s the perfect way to end a long day and the ideal alternative remedy for those with insomnia, anorexia, depression, anxiety, and mild pain.

This concentrate is derived from hemp plants, so you can always buy it online. If you don’t think it can provide the same combination of euphoria and relaxation as its THC derivative, you have another thing coming; let us tell you that!

Call it a Day with the GDP Dab

Call an end to your day with the deeply relaxing GDP Dab: The stuff dreamless sleep cycles are made of. Get its hemp equivalent at Canna Livin, not only because it’s legal across the US but also because it cuts no corners on the mind-body high you seek. Pair your waxy concentrate with the right accessories at our store, so you can try it as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.

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D10/HHC Dabs:
D10, HHC, CBD ISO, Terpenes

D8 Dabs:
D8, CBD ISO, Terpenes

Canna Livin’s exclusive cannabinoid blend

We highly recommend the GDP Dab for evening or night use, any time before bed, preferably, especially if you’re a beginner. Indica doesn’t get any gentler than this concentrate, but start with a couple of hits and give it a few minutes to ensure the mind high is gradual and subtle and not instant and hard-hitting.

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Grand Daddy Purple Dab Sauce