Grand Daddy Purple

  • Strain type: Indica
  • Categories: Delta 10, Delta 8, Flower, HHC, Specialty Blend
  • Helps with: migraines, PTSD, anxiety
  • Detailed testing information
  • Isolated from hemp cultivated in the United States


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A Grand Daddy Purple by Many Names

The Grand Daddy Purple is a popular Indica landrace that goes by many names, such as:

  • Grand Daddy Purp
  • Grand Daddy Purps
  • GDP
  • Grand Daddy Purple Kush

Making a Grand Appearance

Grand Daddy Purple really is the granddaddy of all things Indica. This strain might belong to a hemp plant, but its high gives THC a run for its money. The flower gets its name from its beautiful purple buds with orange-red pistils and a generous resin coating. They taste like the sweetest grapes in a Roman vineyard, have hints of a clearing surrounded by pine trees, and possess a rather pungent aftertaste. Look out for that tickle in your throat, or look forward to it—whatever floats your boat.

Color Us Purple with These Feelings

Expect your GDP to shine in typical Indica fashion. A potent sedative through and through, this marriage between Thai and Afghan strains is good for the distressed mind and body. It relaxes you physically, makes you happy, and may be accompanied by cerebral euphoria. You may also work up an appetite after consuming this strain, so exercise caution if you’re trying to lose weight.

Make the Best of the Drawbacks

As mentioned above, GDP makes you hungry: Not so great for those on a diet, but all the better for those who struggle with a loss of appetite. It relaxes your body to the extent of couchlock, which isn’t bad when you’re in physical pain and need something strong to take it away.

We can’t do much about the dry oral cavity and eyes because that comes with the territory of your cannabinoid blend. You can always exercise caution and keep your daily dosage on the DL to avoid any such side effects from arising.

New to GDP? Start Slow

If you aren’t accustomed to smoking GDP, we recommend you start slow. Smoke a few buds a day and increase your dosage in small increments. This strain is like Indica on steroids, so it might take some getting used to.

Choose your cannabinoid blend and add this flower to your cart today. Canna Livin lets you start with an eighth of an ounce before building to higher doses.

100% Indica hemp trims

Canna Livin’s Exclusive Cannabinoid Blend

Infused D10/HHC Hemp Flower: Hemp flower, D10, HHC, CBD ISO, CBG kief, Terpenes

Infused D8 Hemp Flower: Hemp flower, D8, CBD ISO, CBG kief, Terpenes

Infused D8/HHC Hemp Flower: Hemp flower, D8, HHC, CBD ISO, CBG kief, Terpenes

Infused HHC Hemp Flower: Hemp flower, HHC, CBD ISO, CBG kief, Terpenes

Botanical terpenes: linalool, alpha-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, humulene, beta-myrcene, limonene, terpinolene

Smoke GDP during the evenings or before bedtime, preferably after returning from work. You can use them in joints, blunts, bongs, and water pipes for maximum high.

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Grand Daddy Purple