Grav 4In Glass Blunt W/ Silicone Grommet Teal

  • Categories: Glass and Accessories, Pipes
  • New and Improved
  • Color: Dark Teal
  • Length: 4 inches (Adjustable)
  • Material: Silicone Grommet, Glass
  • Grommet Resistant to Wear and Tear
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Glass Pinch at the Stem Acts as Ash Catcher
  • Push Mouthpiece Forward to Eject Ash
  • GRAV Decal


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Redefining Glass Blunts, One Improvement at a Time

This new and improved Grav 4In Glass Blunt contains a never-before-seen silicone grommet in an alluring dark teal that looks good as you inhale your hemp buds and makes it easier to clean once it’s turned into ash and smoke.


You may find the technical aspects of the silicone grommet in the Usage section, but our customers testify that this grommet has another upside: It makes the blunt far easier to clean than the previous Grav versions. All you have to do is pop off the glass tube on both sides, clean everything, and put it back together. The grommet holds both tubes firmly in place and doesn’t get loose, no matter how many times you disconnect them for those daily cleanings.


A Pinch of Glass for a Smooth, Thick Smoke

This updated glass blunt has a glass pinch along the stem that streamlines the flow of smoke from the burning buds while preventing them from entering the mouthpiece and clogging up the smoke. The glass pinch promises and delivers a smooth and clean experience that is unlikely any you may have experienced from a DIY blunt.


Get a Glass Blunt with a Teal Twist Today

Grav’s Glass Blunt with a Dark Teal Silicone Grommet is everyone’s cup of tea. It’s the opposite of polarizing; a universal favorite that paints a pretty picture and functions like everyone’s ideal version of a glass blunt.


Go sustainable even when you’re smoking ground herbs by purchasing this glass blunt at Canna Livin. Pair them with your favorite hemp flower and glass cleaner, also available in-store and 100% okay to buy online. Elevate your experience with this Grav product. If you like what you see, explore more Grav products, from hand pipes to collector’s items and what have you.


Share your thoughts about the glass blunt and how it improved your smoking experience.

This Grav 4In Glass Blunt replaces the heat shrink tubing with a silicone grommet, which is far superior because it makes your glass blunt resistant to abrasion, trauma, mild chemicals, water, and high temperature. The borosilicate glass tubes on both sides of the grommet are also thick and equally resistant to extreme temperatures and regular contact with cleaning agents, water, and wipes.

Use the Grav Glass Blunt like any regular blunt.

  • Grind your favorite flower into manageable portions.
  • Pull back the mouthpiece to expose the main chamber.
  • Pack it with your ground snug while placing your index finger at the other end to avoid losing any buds.
  • Light up the buds and smoke them like a blunt.
  • Push the mouthpiece as it turns into ash.

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Grav 4In Glass Blunt W/ Silicone Grommet Teal

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