Grav 4In Small Hand Pipe Display

Categories: Glass and Accessories, Pipes

Frosted Spoon Pipe

Pipe Length: 4 inches

Colors: Amber, White, Mint Green, Pink, Smoke Gray

Deep Carb Bowl

Materials: Borosilicate Glass, Silica

Inverted Mouthpiece/Ash Catcher

Puffs: Two (Max)

Made in USA


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Making a Case for Grav’s All-New Hand Pipe Display

These Grav pipes are all looks, minimal substance, literally. Each pipe can accommodate only a bit of snug at a given time, ensuring two hits per packed bowl at a given time. However, they make up for what they lack in (bowl) depth with looks: They have four classy colors covered with a smoky, matte veneer that looks exquisite and feels even better in your hand.


The Perfect Gift for Friends and Family

This display case makes the perfect gift for a friend, family member, and yourself. It totals 10 hits per case, the perfect amount to feel euphoric, relaxed, creative, or whatever else your hemp-derived strain promises to make you feel.


The Grav 4In Small Hand Pipe Display Case is just lowkey enough not to be at the top of the search results, giving your recipient the impression that you have done your research and gotten them something they would appreciate and need instead of something you saw at a Walmart and picked up because it fit your budget and looked pretty enough.


Defining “Minimal Substance”

When we say “minimal substance,” we mean these pipes aren’t all about the looks. They last longer than many other pipes measuring four inches and having the same sized bowl. Beyond the borosilicate glass exterior, a silica interior protects your pipes from the long-term impact of high temperature, chemicals, ash, and glass cleaner. The matte finish is also scratch- and wear-resistant, so you can wipe the exterior as much as possible without worrying about losing its shine over time.


We will reiterate that these are not the go-to pipes when looking good and not getting high is on the agenda.

Purchase Your Display Case and its Contents Online

Canna Livin is your one-stop store for purchasing the Grav 4In Small Hand Pipe Display, the flowers to crush and place inside its tiny pipes, and the instant cleaners to remove the odor and gunk once you are done using the glass pipes.


Browse our extensive collection today to pair these little bud-crackers with your favorite buds and the quickest cleaner money can buy.

Every spoon on this display case is made of the finest borosilicate glass money can buy, contains enough silica to be virtually heat- and chemical-proof, and has a glossy and matte finish with a Grav embossing along the stem.

These five-pipe display houses a maximum of two hits a pop, making it the perfect hemp appetizer at a bohemian or hippie-themed party. Just place some ground herbs in the shallow bowl at the end of the pipe, torch the buds, and take large rips to inhale as much smoke as possible before your grounds turn to ash.

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Grav 4In Small Hand Pipe Display

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