Grav 7" Steamroller Lake Green

  • Glass hand pipe
  • Size: 7”
  • Made with 25mm borosilicate tubing
  • Two stabilizing glass feet
  • Inverted cone mouthpiece for ash catching
  • Suitable for dry herb and hemp flowers
  • Front and center carb
  • Small and compact, it can fit in a pencil case or a pocket
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers big yet smooth steamroller hits
  • Pushed-in bowl with long narrow
  • Categories: Glass and Accessories, Pipes


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As Strong as You Are

Some days you need more hits than your regular pipe can deliver, and this steamroller pipe is perfect for those days. Unlike a spoon pipe or chillum, this GRAV 7” steamroller is a heavy-hitting device that will leave you feeling good.

Don’t get fooled by its small size because it packs a powerful punch and doesn’t need a lot of product, which helps save your expensive herbs. Steamrollers generally are known for the big hits they produce and this device is probably the best one out there. It is as strong as you are and can be used with dry herbs and flowers.

This glass hand pipe delivers consistently good and strong hits, and every herb lover enjoys the effective puffs of this device.

Sleek and Minimalistic Design

The mighty 7” steamroller by GRAV is an excellent addition to your collector. It’s made with thick and solid glass, not the kind that feels overly heavy in your hands but thick enough to not break easily. It has knobs on the bottom—known as stabilizing glass feetthat prevent dropping and help keep the pipe from rolling when it’s set down.

Another feature that distinguishes steamroller pipes from other bowl pipes is the position of the carb. Since it isn’t on the side, you need to place a finger at the front when smoking and release it when taking a hit.

Due to its clear glass, you can easily see the smoke fill the chamber and can gauge when to lift your finger off the carb and take a hit. The classic lake green color perfectly complements your hemp flowers, and the GRAV embossed logo is the cherry on top. If you prefer to smoke in style, you cannot go wrong with this pipe!

Delivers More Than Just Strong Hits

The device not only delivers hefty hits but is also extremely convenient. Its inverted ash-catching mouthpiece keeps your mouth protected from debris. Due to its compact size, you can put it inside a padded sleeve and carry it with you for on-the-go use. Moreover, the simple design also makes cleaning up after smoke sesh easy as a breeze. It gives you access to the bowl from both ends, ensuring the cleaner covers all nooks and crannies. As a result, you enjoy clean, flavorful, and mighty hits each time.

This long uninterrupted tube delivers euphoria, relaxation, and all the good things you want to get from your hemp flower. If you’re looking for big steamroller hits from a small package, GRAV 7” Steamroller is the answer. Get yours now at Canna Livin!

The GRAV 7” Steamroller Pipe uses 25mm thick, green-tinted borosilicate glass. The thick layer of borosilicate makes the steamroller pipe stronger to prevent scratches, bruises, or damage. Due to the high silica content in its composition, the device is heat, chemical, moisture, and ashes resistant.

  • Pack the pipe’s bowl with the desired amount of herbs; remember a little goes a long way with this steamroller.
  • Place a finger (or thumb) at the carb to cover the opening.
  • Use the other hand to place the flame down the bowl.
  • Put your mouth on the second opening of the pipe (the mouthpiece).
  • Begin to inhale until the chamber is filled with smoke.
  • When you see the smoke is about to fill the pipe, remove your hand from the carb opening and inhale for a powerful hit.
  • Wipe or wash the bowl clean for the next sessions to avoid stale smoke.


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Grav 7" Steamroller Lake Green

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