Grav Arcline Chillum

  • Categories: Glass and Accessories, Pipes
  • Brand: GRAV Labs
  • Size: 3.5”
  • Puffs: 5-10 full puffs per session
  • Material: 16mm borosilicate tubing
  • Tiered glasswork inspired by Tuscan columns from primeval Italy
  • Sharp-edged decorative rings
  • Column shape disperses heat and offers protection
  • No roll-stop. Stands upright when set down
  • Fire-polished embossed logo
  • Sturdier than usual chillums
  • Bowl on one end and the mouthpiece on another
  • Use: Dry Herb, no accessories or water required


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Must-Have for Any Connoisseur

This high-end, durable chillum pipe will elevate your smoking experience the minute you take the first hit. Its high-quality construction can’t be matched by any other glass manufacturer, offering stability, aesthetic purity, and luxury all in one device. If you love yourself some good pipe, you need to have the GRAV Arcline Chillum in your collection. Designed for a person of good taste, offering a luxurious experience for all smokers, from beginners to seasoned smokers.


Heightened Visual Appeal

By using staggered glass ledges, the glass manufacturers beautifully add a resemblance to classic Tuscan columns. Inspired by the Italian architectural system, this pipe is made from heavy, thick borosilicate glass. So even if you accidentally tip over your precious pipe, it will still stay intact. GRAV designed this piece keeping durability and luxury in mind.


The high-end construction and heightened visual appeal are what make it so different than other chillums you’ll find. The flame-polished and sandblasted logo is etched into the narrow mouthpiece of each chillum. Overall, this chillum is a piece of art that you can use as a display or gift to someone special.


Unmatched Stability

From the convenient bowl piece to a column-like steady base, this chillum provides simplicity and stability.


You want your glass pipe to stay upright and stable, no matter how you use it. This is exactly what Arcline Chillum delivers. Its column shape and sharp-edged rings aren’t just decorative— they offer a stable smoking surface and allow the pipe to stand upright when not in use.


If you’re looking for beauty, stability, and durability in your hand pipe, this GRAV Arcline Chillum is the answer! Get yours now at Canna Livin. We have a wide range of GRAV’s stunning pieces and some delicious hemp flowers that pair well with them.

This luxurious and elegant chillum is made using heavy-duty, thick 16mm borosilicate glass. The high content of silica ensures your pipe stays unaffected by high temperatures, chemicals, pipe cleaners, and debris. Moreover, the logo is sandblasted into the glass for a sleek appearance.

  1. The first step is to grind your hemp flower so that it burns evenly in the pipe, and you get the most flavor.
  2. Now delicately place grid herbs in the bowl area and pack down
  3. Repeat step 2 multiple times until the bowl is filled.
  4. To light a chillum, you first need to cup your hand over its opening (mouthpiece) and place the device between your ring and pinky fingers. This will create a smoke chamber to ember and cool the smoke.
  5. Put your mouth over this cupped hand
  6. Apply a flame to the flower
  7. Inhaleand enjoy a delicious, flavorful smoke from this high-quality Arcline Chillum
  8. The herb will stay lit throughout the session, so you don’t need to apply a continuous flame.

Bonus Tips

When filling the bowl area with herbs, make sure it’s tightly packed. Loose-filled bowls are more likely to produce debris, and no one wants to taste that. Packing the hemp flower tightly prevents scoobs from entering your mouth when taking a hit from the chillum.

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Grav Arcline Chillum

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