Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler Clear

  • Glass hand pipe
  • Carb: Front
  • Length: 4 inches
  • Height: 3 inches
  • Joint: 10mm Female
  • It comes with a 100mm Male Quartz Bowl, but can fit a 10mm flower bowl, 10mm quartz banger, or pre-rolled blunt or joint
  • Bubbler chamber for filtration
  • Sandblasted GRAV Decal
  • Sidecar straight neck
  • Portable and Ergonomic
  • Long straw mouthpiece that keeps hits cool
  • Fixed diffuser downstem
  • Can be used with flower and concentrate


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A Sight for Sore Eyes

If you’re looking for a lightweight, ergonomic, portable, and fun hand pipe, this Grav Canonical Pocket Bubbler checks all the boxes. It packs many useful features in a small package so you can take it with you on all your adventures. Watch everyone’s eyes light up when you take this stunning pipe out at a party. It’s beautifully designed and comes in a unique canonical shape that looks even more fascinating when the smoke gradually fills the bubbler.


Offers the Best of Both Worlds

It can be a hassle to find a portable hand pipe that works well with both flower and concentrate, especially in good quality. This Conical Pocket Bubbler by GRAV lab offers the best of both worlds while delivering the highest quality of smoke in each hit.


Due to its versatility, this hand pipe can fit a 10mm quartz banger (for concentrate) or flower bowl and both bowls can be switched easily to cater to every mood. If you like to switch between materials or don’t have your 10mm cup bowl with you (the one that comes with it), you can use a 10mm joint as a bowl. There’s no need to add a separate bowl for your dry herbs on top (unless of course, you want to). All this makes it easier for you to enjoy a good hit without hassles.


Cleverly Designed for Maximum Impact

You must have noticed that this hand pipe comes in a different shape—something you don’t see very often. Let us walk you through its parts and design so you can make the most of it.


The Canonical Pocket Bubbler is made using strong borosilicate glass and has two key parts, the stem, and the chamber. The bubbler chamber eliminates the need to put a lot of water into the pipe; you just need to put a small amount and get all the benefits of filtration. Due to the cone-like shape of the bubbler, you get a comfortable ergonomic experience while holding the pipe. So even if you’re smoking on the go, holding this hand pipe is quite easy.


The second important part of this bubbler, the glass stem gives smoke some more time to cool down before it reaches you. This hand pipe is designed in a sidecar position, allowing smokers to clearly view the smoke filling the chamber and gauge when to pull.

The Canonical Pocket Bubbler is made using thick borosilicate glass like most GRAV glass products. It uses a thick scientific glass bubbler for better filtration.

  • Insert a minimal amount of water into the bubbler chamber
  • Fill the bowl with the herbs, press it down gently— repeat this process till you get a full bowl
  • Take a few test puffs to ensure air flows freely
  • Apply a flame to the herbs
  • Now take slow and gentle puffs of smoke.
  • Once the smoke fills the chamber, remove the flame and enjoy a relaxing, euphoric smoking session.

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Grav Conical Pocket Bubbler Clear

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