Grav Helix Clear Straight Base w/ Fixed Downstem Water Pipe

  • Categories: Glass and Accessories, Bongs
  • Brand: GRAV Labs
  • Designed by: Stephan Pierce
  • 14mm Helix bowl  and14mm female joint
  • Length: 9 inches
  • Used with: flower
  • Made with 60mm premium borosilicate tubing
  • PACT vape
  • 90° joint angle
  • Venturi dome mouthpiece
  • Dual chambers
  • Three air intake holes
  • Delivers smooth and cool hits
  • Helix Aeration filtration with fission downstem
  • Requires 2 inches of water
  • Swirling smoke action
  • Wide base for stability



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Enjoy Mesmerizing Hits

This water pipe is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before. GRAV redesigned the classic Helix tube into this masterpiece that delivers everything you need from a smoking pipe.


Helix tubes are known for their cool swirling effect when you smoke them. The designers have taken this effect up a notch by combining the Helix Flute (dome chamber mouthpiece) with the thick beaker base. The bulb-like top chamber sits perfectly on the top of the beaker, forming a modern and stunning body.


In this version, three holes bored into the top Venturi dome chamber create the swirling, aka Venturi effect. There’s also a small piece of tungsten that helps heat the glass— with the holes angled toward the wall; the smoke will travel like a tornado before reaching your mouth.


Turn Every Smoking Experience Into An Adventure

GRAV Helix water pipe is not only appealing to the eyes but also offers an unmatched smoking experience.


The swirling performance of the Helix mouthpiece, when combined with the clever geometry of the water base, delivers ultra-smooth hits with perfection. It takes big hits and makes them smokable through its tornado effect. You don’t need ice to get the cooling effect; the Helix signature airpath design acts as a cooling device, injecting cool air into the smoke and evenly blending it as you take the hits.


If you don’t like heavy-hitting pipes and prefer smoother yet potent hits, this bong is made for you. Its genius dual chamber design and tornado effect reduce the harshness of your hit. Instead of delivering a straight hit, it creates a spinning cloud that’s much cooler, flavorful, and clean.


Crafted for Elite Smokers

The best part about this device is that you can keep ripping and get continuous milky, clean hits each time. Due to the modern design, cooling effect, and enhanced filtration of the dual chambers, the smoke doesn’t create an uncomfortable experience for the users.


Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the pipe-smoking world or are a veteran, this device is extraordinary and a must-have for all. GRAV Helix water pipe also has a showerhead downstem that ensures the smoothest smoke. Once you’re done with your smoke session, you can easily clean the device as it doesn’t have many small cervices. The thick aesthetics, straightforward design, and superior quality make it easy for users to clean it. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now from Canna Livin!

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  • Fill the base beaker with two inches of water
  • Grind your flower and pack it into the 14mm Helix bowl
  • Add the bowl to the device
  • Light the herbs with a flame while inhaling from the mouthpiece
  • Put the flame away once the herbs start to glow, and enjoy smooth hits

Bonus Tips

Sometimes seasoned smokers might not get enough hits from this device because of its cooling effect. If you want more traditional hits, you can temporarily cover some of the air intake holes with clear tape. This will disrupt the spinning action and deliver harder hits.

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Grav Helix Clear Straight Base w/ Fixed Downstem Water Pipe

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