Grav Rocker Steamroller w/ Silicone Skin Scarlet Orange

  • Categories: Glass and Accessories, Pipes
  • Length: 5.5 inches
  • Color: Scarlet Orange
  • Materials: borosilicate glass, food-grade silicone
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • The self-supporting bowl keeps the buds secure
  • Amazing grip
  • Break-resistance with silicone skin
  • Made in USA


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Spice Things Up with a Scarlet Orange Grav Rocker Steamroller

Experience your highs via a never-before-seen avatar of the Grav Rocker Steamroller line. This steamroller features a scarlet orange casing and bears an uncanny resemblance to red chili. Spice it up by placing an equally Sativa-dominant flower in a bowl that uses all your buds and doesn’t drop any, no matter how much you nudge, pull, or flip the pipe.


A Raised Bowl and an Ash Catcher of a Mouthpiece

Let us put any concerns about burning the silicone by torching the buds: The Grav Rocker Steamroller has a raised bowl, so the only thing your buds will touch is the glass bowl and the flame. The latter wouldn’t come near the protective silicone case, so let it protect your pipe from minor falls and bumps.


Let’s not forget the mouthpiece. The silicone case tapers off at the top, double-timing as an ash catcher and keeping your smoke clean, smooth thick, and free of any particulates that might irritate your throat and lungs and result in a coughing fit.


Your Amazing Travel Buddy Awaits

Bongs and water pipes are great but a) don’t generate dry undiluted smoke and b) are not wieldy and portable. The Grav Rocker Steamroller offers the best of both worlds by being a dry pipe perfect for travel. Carry it with a lighter and some ground herbs while out and about; you can light them up anytime, anywhere.


Add a Scarlet Orange Pipe to Your Collection

The Grav Rocker Steamroller features a uniquely-colored case and a shape, unlike any steamroller you’ve seen before. It is flat, not tubed, and is shaped like a rocker so that you can rock and spin it on its axis. However, it would never flip or roll away unattended. Buy the product at Canna Livin before it runs out of stock!

This Grav Rocker Steamroller sets itself apart with a scarlet orange silicone casing covering a flat, rocker-shaped pipe made from borosilicate glass. The silicone cushions the impact of falls and improves grip, whereas the glass makes the pipe resistant to thermal shock. The glass is also thicker than regular glass, making the pipe unlikely to break, chip, or sustain damage due to external factors.

Using a Grav Rocker Steamroller is no different from using a regular steamroller.

  • Grind your favorite flower into packable buds.
  • Pack as much snug as possible inside the bowl.
  • Put your pointer finger over the carb on the outer end.
  • Wrap your lips around the mouthpiece.
  • Light up the buds with your dominant hand and start pulling.
  • Pull as much as you can take and release both orifices to exhale.
  • Repeat the process.

Note: Only take rips you can handle. Taking smaller rips is better than ruining the experience with more than your lungs can handle.

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Grav Rocker Steamroller w/ Silicone Skin Scarlet Orange

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