Jack Herer

Jack Herer

  • Strain type: Sativa
  • Categories: Cartridges & Disposables, Delta 10, Delta 8, HHC, Specialty Blend
  • Helps with: chronic pain, anxiety, loss of appetite
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  • Derived from hemp cultivated in the United States


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Paying Homage to a Legendary Strain Dating Back to the ’90s

We’ll never quite know which strains came together to form Jack Herer, but we do know the story behind its name.

Many names are named after their creators. However, Jack Herer was christened not after its inventor but after a famous cannabis activist and writer of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Today, marijuana is legal in more than 20 US states and decriminalized in many others partially because of Herer’s book and lifelong efforts.

It only stands to reason that he has a Sativa-dominant strain named after him that is so hugely popular it has won nine Cannabis Cup accolades! This cart contains the extracts of hemp-derived Jack Herer and promises an intensity on par with THC.

Smell Like Potpourri with Jack Herer

Jack Herer isn’t the prettiest flower out there, but it does come out smelling like a bed of roses (literally). The flower and its oil mostly smell like a bouquet that spent about six hours in the same freezer as a bunch of oranges and lemons.

When the oil becomes vapor, it develops a peppery kick and exudes a sage-like aroma. The smoke is smooth instead of harsh and only subtly pungent, which makes it perfect for new users. When all the oil is vaped and done, your place might smell like potpourri.

A Headrush as Level-headed as its Namesake

Jack Herer had a good head on its shoulders, and so will you after smoking this vape. Its energizing effects are quick to arrive, but they aren’t energizing to the point of disorientation or paranoia. The high starts at the neck and goes through the rest of your body, leaving you relaxed and in complete control of your body.

Lazy and sleepy are the last things you’ll feel after a Jack Herer session. On the contrary, you’ll feel focused, creative, and motivated, not to mention incredibly talkative, perfect for when you must socialize, even if that’s the last thing you feel like doing.

Jack Herer: The Ultimate Buzzchill

Jack Herer gives you a little bit of the buzz and a lot of the chill; it’s a buzzchill, albeit one that makes the user feel a lot snacky afterward. Satisfy the munchies if that’s what you want, or use this vape as a complementary remedy for conditions such as anxiety, chronic aches, and mild stress. Buy your first hit at Canna Livin today!

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Canna Livin’s exclusive cannabinoid blend

Jack Herer is the quintessential morning-time vape for beginners and experienced users, but you can use it at any hour of the day because it keeps you relaxed yet in complete control of your body. It’s not, however, recommended for intense physical activity. Use a 510-threaded rechargeable battery to convert this cart into a vape pen.

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Jack Herer