Metrix G Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt

Metrix G-Pipe Glass Blunt

If you’re looking for a high-quality glass blunt, this Metrix G-Pipe is the best. It comes with a water attachment that you can use to purify your smoke. It’s really easy to pack and ash with this one. You also get a cleaning brush you can use to clean it all out.

The Metrix G-Pipe Glass Blunt uses the silicone caps to cap it when you don’t want to smoke anymore. It can also help the stink not escape. Using the water attachment gives you the best smoking experience.


  • Twisty Glass Blunt
  • Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 2 Silicone Caps
  • Includes Water Attachment and Cleaning Brush


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Metrix G Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt