Mimosa #3

  • Strain type: Sativa
  • Categories: Delta 10, Delta 8, Flower, HHC, Specialty Blend
  • Helps with: depression, adjustment disorder, fatigue
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  • Isolated from hemp cultivated in the United States


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Mimosa #3: A Marriage Made in Hawaii Heaven

Mimosa #3 is a Sativa-dominant strain with hints of Clementine and Purple Hawaii Punch. The trace amounts of these two strains are enough to create the intended effects. You’ve landed on the right page if you could use a pick-me-up with motivation, energy, and stress relief.

Before discussing the effects and aromas of this strain in more detail, let’s take a closer look at Clementine and Purple Punch.

Clementine: The Sativa-Dominant Half

Clementine is the Sativa-dominant half of Mimosa #3, made by crossing two other strains. This vibrant strain smells downright citrusy and tastes as sweet as its namesake, which is likely why it won Best Sativa Concentrate in 2015. Either that or because it increases focus better than most Sativa-dominant strains.

Purple Punch: The Indica-dominant Half

Purple Punch might be a hybrid strain, but it’s 99% Indica due to being a combination of two Indica-dominant strains. Made from Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG, this cannabis strain smells like three equally decadent things:

  • Grape candy
  • Blueberry everything
  • Kool-Aid

It tastes tart, is recommended as an after-dessert smoke and carries some of its effects—relief from stress, nausea, and insomnia—to the Mimosa #3.

Mimosa #3: The Upsides, Flavor Profile, and Aromas

Combine the two strains, and you get Mimosa #3, which is both similar to and different from these two strains. While it has an Indica-half, its reported effects lean more towards its Sativa origin.

Consume small doses to feel happy, relaxed, energized, and optimistic without losing focus and clarity. Consume in larger doses if you want to relax or go to sleep. The strain can also be consumed as a complementary therapy for depression, anxiety, and stress.

As for notes and flavors, Mimosa #3 tastes berrylicious and citrusy. The latter is reminiscent of blueberries, grapefruit, and clementines.

Growing Indoors vs. Growing Outdoors

You can grow Mimosa #3 at home, provided you have some cultivating experience. While the modern cultivar thrives outdoors, you can also grow up to 400 g/m2 indoors. Since it’s a Sativa-dominant cultivar, expect it to mature between two to three months, grow up to 90 inches in height, and place it somewhere appropriate.

The Better Option: Just Buy Online!

Just because it’s legal to grow hemp plants in all 50 states doesn’t mean you should cultivate them at home. Mimosa #3, in particular, can be extremely tricky to grow, mature, and trim. You’re better off buying it at Canna Livin’, a store with Mimosa #3, which is derived from hemp plants and infused with a cannabinoid of your choice.

Canna Livin’s Exclusive Cannabinoid Blend

Infused D10/HHC Hemp Flower: Hemp flower, D10, HHC, CBD ISO, CBG kief, Terpenes

Infused D8 Hemp Flower: Hemp flower, D8, CBD ISO, CBG kief, Terpenes

Infused D8/HHC Hemp Flower: Hemp flower, D8, HHC, CBD ISO, CBG kief, Terpenes

Infused HHC Hemp Flower: Hemp flower, HHC, CBD ISO, CBG kief, Terpenes

Botanical terpenes: Linalool, Limonene, Phellandrene, Valencene, and Sabinene

Its energizing effects make it fit for daytime usage through a pipe, bong, or roll. Best consumed when talking someone’s ear off is the writing on the wall or when you want to feel energized enough to exercise, practice for a marathon, etc.

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Mimosa #3