Pineapple Express Disposable

It’s Almost a Shame to Not Smoke the Wonderful Pineapple Express

You’re in for a treat with this delicious pineapple-flavored Sativa strain disposable vape. Sweet, delicious, and absolutely unique in its flavor profile, this is one of our favorite products from this range.

The tangy-sweet Pineapple flavor and aroma pair exceptionally well with the ever-potent Sativa strain. Take this lightweight and compact disposable vape anywhere you want and forget about ever using joints, rolling paper, lighters, large bongs, or overly strong edibles. The Pineapple Express will take you exactly where you need to go without stressing you out.

We’re offering several other options, like blueberry, strawberry, orange, and cherry, that you can also get along with this fruity goodness.

Once you board the Pineapple Express, there’s no looking back, and you’re going to want to finish this Sativa terpene. Browse through our website to see what we have in store, and pair it with other great quality vapes, pods, edibles, bongs, and more.


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Get Your Very Own Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

Almost forgot about that viral sensation of a song, didn’t you? Well, the Pineapple Express disposable vape will give you your very own pineapple pen that packs a serious punch. This device is perfect for everyday use and gets you high using high-quality Sativa and a sweet, tropical flavor.

You no longer need to deal with inconvenient buds and flowers or their strong earthy taste and smell.

The Sativa strain-based Pineapple Express terpene is ideal for smokers who want convenience, comfort, and ease in a single product. It’s compact, lightweight, and totally tasty, and you can easily carry it around wherever you go.

In addition to the fantastic flavor and potency, this disposable vape is also very easy to use. Get the desired buzz, enjoy the flavor, and toss the vape when it runs out. There’s no hassle of refilling or replacing the liquid.

Soak up everything this vape has to offer in your downtime, or get it as a present for a friend or loved one. It’s also the perfect product for traveling and using in public, allowing you to smoke discreetly and safely without any smells or inconvenience.

All Aboard the Pineapple Express through Canna Livin

Canna Livin is committed to bringing you high-quality products from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, ranging from buds to edibles to zero-nic vapes. You can get your hands on many different products and other flavored terpenes in addition to the Pineapple Express disposable, right here.

Enjoy fast, convenient, and safe shipping across the US. We use USPS First-Class shipping to keep your products safe, and you don’t want to lose out on the sweet goodness of this Pineapple Express vape.

Take a look at all our other products, browse through our website, and place your order through our online store.

Strain Type: Sativa

The device is disposable and should be disposed of immediately and safely when liquid runs out. Do not reuse or refill.

Not Applicable.

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Pineapple Express Disposable