Pulsar Borosilicate Water Pipe- 21.5" / 19mm F / Colors Vary

  • Categories: Bongs, Glass, and Accessories
  • 19mm Female Water Pipe
  • User-friendly
  • Style: Multi-chamber
  • Material: Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 21.5 inches
  • Percolators: Honeycomb and Showerhead
  • Ice Catch Included
  • Splashguard Dome
  • Colors Vary
  • Beaker Base: Double-layered
  • Emblazoned Pulsar Logo


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The Components that Make the Pulsar Borosilicate Water Pipe a Roaring Success

What makes the Pulsar Borosilicate Water Pipe special? Let us count the ways:

  • A Beautiful Borosilicate: The straight pipe features a design made from borosilicate glass that looks pretty at first glance and downright mesmerizing when the water starts bubbling.
  • Smooth as Honey:The water pipe has dual showerhead and honeycomb percolators for rips, so smooth they’ll feel like clouds passing through your mouth.
  • Chill Rips: While the percs smooth over the smoke, the 19mm female glass joint and ice catcher make your hits ice-cold.
  • Splashguard: This water pipe also has a splash guard dome, protecting you from splashback, should you end up overfilling the pipe.

Two Beaker Bases for the Price of One

Pulsar’s Borosilicate Water Pipe offers twice the beaker base. As you can see in the product image, the water pipe features a colored beaker base covered by a protective borosilicate glass that keeps everything in place.

You might catch the dual beaker base, but you might have missed the 19mm male joint slide, which you can fit with any water pipe with a 19mm female joint slide, not just the one you see here.

Buy Today to Add Visuals to a Sensory Experience

Smoking hemp flowers is a mind-body experience that may or may not alter your perception. The visuals created by this Pulsar Borosilicate Water Pipe look so unreal you’ll think your eyes are playing on you. Buy the product at Canna Livin to experience what we’re describing with your own eyes; don’t forget to pick up a hemp flower or two on the way out!

The Pulsar Borosilicate Water Pipe is made of a thick borosilicate glass material known for its high silica content. This material protects the glass from the constant heat stress of the burning herbs and the impact of accidental bumps, falls, and scrapes.

Follow these steps when breaking out your brand-new Pulsar Borosilicate Water Pipe:

  • Keep pouring water down the pipe until it reaches above the percolators or under the downstem.
  • Plop ice into your bong and let the catcher hold it up, preventing it from sliding down the chute.
  • Take a tester pull to see if the water and ice are doing their jobs.
  • Grind your flower into finer buds.
  • Clean the bowl piece and pack it with the snug.
  • Pull from the mouthpiece while lighting up the herbs.
  • Once the bong is full of smoke, remove the bowl piece to inhale it.
  • You can keep the smoke inside your lungs or take smaller hits before exhaling.
  • Clean the bowl before repacking it.

Note: Change the bong water before it changes hands; it keeps the smoke fresh and fragrant.

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Pulsar Borosilicate Water Pipe- 21.5" / 19mm F / Colors Vary

In stock