Pulsar Colored Herb Slide - 14mm M / Colors Vary

  • Categories: Glass and Accessories, Pipes
  • Male Groundless Joint
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Size: 14mm
  • Colored Band Wrapped Around the Bowl
  • Frosted Pulsar Logo
  • Colors May Vary


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Replace the Old with the All-New and Color-Wrapped Pulsar Herb Slide

Your female water pipe can only function with all its components. A bong without an herb slide or bowl piece is like any other beaker; it’s certainly not something you use to smoke your legal dry herbs.

This brings us to this product. Pulsar’s Colored Herb Slide is the perfect replacement for water pipes with female joints that house any bowl sized 14mm or below. It creates great visuals with a color band-wrapped bowl base that looks prettier in person than here.

A Male Groundless Bowl for Single-Person Sessions

Pulsar’s Colored Herb Slide is made for single-person sessions. It’s deep enough that you don’t have to repack the slide frequently but too shallow for sharing with someone else. This can be a good thing, as it keeps things hygienic.

Plus, you can always make it a party by purchasing these slides in bulk. While cleaning the herb slide after every session takes seconds, having more slides means less cleaning and repacking a brand-new slide every time.

Slide, smoke, and replace slides before the pipe changes hands so there’s no residue or resin and zero possibility of stale smoke.

Slide that Sturdy Bowl Right In

Thick borosilicate glass makes this herb slide too sturdy for any external (scrapes and falls) or internal (high temperature) factors. The perfect combination of looks and functions, this herb slide is a must-have for all the hemp cannabis connoisseurs out there.

Purchase the replacement slide for any water pipes whose male slides have exhausted their purpose at Canna Livin. While this bowl piece is best paired with Pulsar products, you can also pair them nicely with water pipes that can hold 14mm or less.

Try the slide for longer, smoother smoking sessions; don’t forget to leave a review!

This Pulsar Colored Herb Slide adds a colorful twist to an otherwise boring water pipe. It’s made of borosilicate glass whose thickness protects your bowl from mild bumps and falls, and high silica content prevents thermal stress when temperatures inside the pipe run high.

Since this is a component of your water pipe instead of a full-fledged product, we’ll explain whether it is a good match for your apparatus.

First, every part of your water pipe, including the bowl, nail, adapter, and ash catcher, has a gender. A male herb slide, aka bowl, applies to water pipes with female joints. If you don’t know whether your pipe has a male or female joint, see whether or not it has a wide opening. If yes, it has a female joint, in which case this male herb slide is the perfect replacement for that old bowl inside your water pipe.

Note: All the other accessories for water pipes with female joints must also be male.

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Pulsar Colored Herb Slide - 14mm M / Colors Vary

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