• Strain type: Hybrid
  • Categories: Cartridges & Disposables, Delta 10, Delta 8, HHC, Specialty Blend
  • Helps with: mild pain, stress, anxiety
  • Detailed testing information
  • Derived from hemp cultivated in the United States


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A Cart that Smells Like A Bag of Halloween Treats

The Runtz (OG) cartridge smells like a bag of candies due to the Hybrid buds that give you this precious 50:50 oil. The cart offers the perfect balance between Sativa and Indica, a rare feat in the bud market. If you love Zkittlez and Gelato, you’ll at least be partial to a hemp oil extracted from the product formed by crossbreeding the two strains.

This cart is the cornerstone of many states, such as California—where it was first developed—and Colorado—where it found a second home. The hemp variation by Canna Livin has also become a mainstay in states where recreational marijuana is still criminalized or illegal (more on that in a minute).

Highly Recommended for the Fruity Bud Enthusiasts

The three main terpenes, caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene, contribute to the unique flavor ascribed only to Runtz. The first puff is chockfull of sweet goodness, followed by woody undertones and sour citrus overtones. The fruity notes make it a must-have for those who prefer less earthy and more sweet and sour oils.

Say ‘Yes’ to Endless Rest and Relaxation

Runtz isn’t for someone who wants to, say, turn into a social tour de force. The cart is selfish that way. You don’t smoke it to improve your interpersonal skills; you smoke it to calm down, relax, and lounge around without a care for household chores, let alone an evening of socializing and hobnobbing with polite society.

Hunger is an add-on to relaxation, perfect for those struggling to work up an appetite. Apart from kickstarting your cravings, you may also smoke the pen to relax during stressful and mildly painful times. If you have trouble sleeping at night, start smoking during the evening, and you’ll be in the perfect state to turn in for the night.

Let’s Get this Party for One Started!

Remember how we said the Runtz Cart at Canna Livin contained a hemp-derived oil? While that makes it legal in all 50 states, it doesn’t mean the hemp derivative would be boring and not half as exciting as the THC equivalent. Canna Livin makes it a point to maintain the THC-like intensity in its hemp products, making them accessible and just as euphoric and uplifting for all recreational and medical users as THC.

Botanical terpenes: Beta-caryophyllene, limonene, linalool

Canna Livin’s exclusive cannabinoid blend

Highly recommended for evening use, but you can also smoke it when you have nothing else to do with your day. Smoke some on a spa day, an idle weekend, or to make it through a wedding reception. We know that sounds oddly specific, and that’s because everyone’s too boozed up to remember those events or how they ended anyway. Lastly, new users should start small and gradually increase their daily usage. You’ll need a 510-threaded rechargeable battery to power up this cart

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