Sci Fi Braided Bowl

  • Categories: Bowls, Glass and Accessories
  • Braided Spare Glass Bowl for Bongs
  • Gender: Male
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Suitable for: Dry Herbs
  • Two Roll Stoppers Beside the Bowl
  • Finishing Colors: Assorted and Random
  • Recommendation: Gifts and Personal Use
  • User-friendly and Easy to CleanTop of FormBottom of Form


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The Perfect Herb Bowl for Female Joints

There’s a match for every bong bowl out there. While some, like the Sci-Fi Braided Bowl, are made to hold dry herbs, others are designed to handle scalding concentrates, and others still are designed to hold both dry and concentrated materials.

Like many others, do you prefer smoking dry herbs and having a male herb slide that looks rough after one too many sessions? You have come to the right place.

Introducing: The Sci-Fi Braided Bowl

The Sci-Fi Braided Bowl paints a pretty picture, but that’s not all it is. The male herb slide is made from heat-resistant scientific glass, so you bet it can hold your ignited herbs for years. The color accents are achieved by melting and manipulating fritted glass and placed inside the borosilicate glass lining, giving the bowl another layer of resistance.

That said, the low price has to be the best thing about this bong bowl. At an unreal price of just under $10, the Sci-Fi Braided Bowl has all the properties of an excellent herb slide. It maintains your flower’s complete terpene profile, keeping it flavorful and aromatic. As long as you use the water pipe right, there isn’t any reason for stale smoke to come through the mouthpiece.

Find the Right Size at Canna Livin

As amazing as the Sci-Fi Braided Bowl promises to be, it may not be a match for all female joints. Compare sizes with Canna Livin by contacting our team before buying the product. You can consider many other male herb slides at our store if it’s not the right size. The options are endless, and the prices affordable, which begs the question: What are you waiting for?!

The Sci-Fi Braided Bowl is made from heat-resistant scientific glass, protecting the bowl’s inner side from thermal stress. While the stem does an admirable job keeping them inside the female joint, the extra-thick glass protects them from minor bumps and falls.

The Sci-Fi Braided Bowl is a quick replacement for male bong bowls, the parts of water pipes with female joints that get the most heat during a smoking session because they hold ignited herbs. Switch to this bowl if the existing one has depreciated over time or lacks a roll stopper for a stable sesh.

Follow these steps to pack the herb bowl:

  • Grind a portion of your flower in an herb grinder.
  • Whip out the Sci-Fi Braided Bowl.
  • Place a pinch of the crushed herbs inside the bowl.
  • Compress and follow it up with another pinch until the bowl is almost full.
  • Place it back inside the joint and check to ensure it stays put.
  • When igniting the herbs, keep the torch a hair’s breadth away from the bowl to minimize contact.
  • Clean the bowl as soon as you are done to prevent stale smoke.

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Sci Fi Braided Bowl

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