• Strain type: Sativa
  • Categories: Delta 10, Delta 8, Edibles, Hemp Delta 9, HHC, Specialty Blend
  • Helps with: anxiety, inflammation, nausea
  • Detailed testing information
  • Derived from hemp cultivated in the United States


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Just the Right Amount for First-Time Consumers

At 25mg, our sugar-coated Strawberry Gummies are just the right amount for first-time consumers who have yet to pop a gummy to know if they can take the high. These gummies manage this feat with 0.001% of THC, a negligent quantity if we ever saw one. The strawberry flavors positively burst through the gummy as soon as you puncture its crystallized exterior with those gnashers.

Strawberry Gummies Infused with Canna Livin’s Finest Sativa Strains

Each gummy measures 5mg and comes as a set of five gummies apiece, totaling 25mg. They’re infused with the most berrylicious Sativa strains at Canna Livin to stay true to the strawberry flavor.

As you pop one in your mouth, you’ll feel a high rivaling THC edibles even though the gummies are derived from the hemp plant. Since these are Sativa gummies, you may experience all the feelings associated with such strains, including chaotic energy, euphoria, and a serious case of giggles.

You’ll need a while to recover from these hard-hitting gummies, so we recommend popping one after waking, more if you don’t have to do anything later—the latter may result in couchlock after the high wears off.

Add a Strawberry Flavor to Your Alternative Therapy

Cannabis is widely recognized as a therapeutic solution for many ailments. People are allowed to consume some to suppress cancer-related pain, deal with the symptoms of generalized anxiety, work up an appetite, make PTSD more bearable, and go to sleep when it’s been the last thing on their minds for days.

We can go on and on about the therapeutic benefits of smoking some of that sweet ganja—benefits that you probably know because you’ve smoked it before. However, if you still find the harsh aftertaste of your flower a little too strong, you don’t have to smoke it at all. To be precise, you can still have it and all its benefits via a strawberry-flavored edible.

Get a Taste of Canna Livin’s Strawberry Gummies

Gummies differ in flavor, potency, and ingredients by brand. Not only are our gummies devoid of allergens, but they also match the potency of THC with Canna Livin’s exclusive cannabinoid blend. Sweeten the deal by purchasing sugar-coated Strawberry Gummies worth every cent.

  • Gelatin, food coloring, cane sugar, CBD, Delta 8 ISO
  • Canna Livin’s exclusive cannabinoid blend
  • Additional terpene blend infused in every square

The effects of these edibles will be more gradual if you eat something beforehand. If you aren’t eating them to feel hungry, we suggest eating these gummies on a full stomach. That’ll also tamp down the hunger pangs that usually follow cannabis consumption. Eat first thing in the morning or on a slow weekend.

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